Missio Mosaic Network Statement

May 30, 2020

The events of the past week with the death of George Floyd have been extremely painful. George was created in the image of God, yet denied the most basic treatment of human dignity. Taking the life of anyone under such conditions is in no way justified regardless of the reasons. We stand within the orthodox, evangelical tradition of the church of the ages that has always held to the dignity of life from conception (Psalm 139:13-14). Every person, including George Floyd, is made in the image of God. Any action or behavior that devalues God-given life is against the design and intentions of our Creator.

We lament and cry with those who have been stricken with the grief from this event, especially our black sisters and brothers. This time of lament should cause us to reflect on the injustice done but also on the injustices that continue. As pastors and church leaders, we should prophetically call for our government leaders to seek justice. As believers and citizens, and all people of good will, we should pray for our leaders as they navigate these difficult circumstances.

Tomorrow, being Pentecost Sunday, reminds us that God poured out His Spirit so that all who come to Jesus in faith will be reconciled to Him. God gives His Spirit to whoever will call on the name of Jesus for salvation, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender (Acts 2). This is the foundation upon which we build forgiveness and reconciliation, knowing that such work is hard, but also necessary. God poured out his Spirit on His people, equipping them to challenge the systems of the world that do not reflect the love and justice of the kingdom of God. We challenge the systems that promote racism and hate in our communities and call for the church to repentance for its failures in this area and to redemptive participation from this moment forward.

Tomorrow in our worship services we will have a time of prayer and lament. Let us cry. Let us lament. Let us stand together as we proclaim the love of God for our community and nation.

Pastor Page Brooks
Senior Pastor, Canal Street Church
Missional Lead, Missio Mosaic
New Orleans, LA


Pastor Stephen Partain
Parish Pastor, Grace Community Church
Leadership Council, Missio Mosaic
New Orleans, LA


Pastor George Ross
Lakeshore Church, New Orleans
Church Planting Lead, Missio Mosaic


Rev. Michael Hitch
Senior Vice President- The Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community
Community Development Lead, Missio Mosaic
New Orleans, LA


Pastor Byron Cutrer
Faith Church of New Orleans, LA
Leadership Council, Missio Mosaic


Pastor Jesse Byrd
Parish Pastor, Grace Community Church
Leadership Council, Missio Mosaic


Pastor Lee Cormier
Family Pastor, Canal Street Church
Student Ministry Lead, Missio Mosaic