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We welcome any gift, whether it pays for a paintbrush or the art teacher. We are truly grateful for all of our supporters. 

The RICC is continuously looking for ways to equip others to join in our mission, and becoming a Restorer has become that for many.


A Restorer is a partner in ministry who gives towards our operating costs, freeing The RICC to continue to focus on the relationships we build with our community and volunteers.

One of the most crucial ways we are supported financially is through our Restorers.

Mail Donation Form to:

PO Box 791284

New Orleans LA 70119


If you would like to work with us we would love to talk with you.  We need all types of volunteers from administration to web development. Give us a call!


If your group would like to dive deeper into our work we have programs designed for you.  

If you would like more information on our funding model or have other questions, email

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